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Life Is Unpredictable. Plan For It With Power Of Attorney.

Accidents and the inevitability of aging can create scenarios where you will no longer be able to act for yourself. When something happens to you, do you have the means for someone to act on your behalf? At the Law Offices of Kelton M. Burgess, LLC, we facilitate your ability to appoint someone with power of attorney. The durable power of attorney is a helpful tool that can make it easier for your loved ones to handle your health and financial affairs.

The Functionality Of A Durable Power Of Attorney

As its name implies, a durable power of attorney is a legal document which allows you to appoint a person to act on your behalf, should you become incapacitated. An incapacitation can be interpreted as a time in which you lack the physical or mental capability to act for yourself. This is similar to a lasting power of attorney. In both cases, it is a residual, legal obligation. Your appointee will be able to decide your health care and financial affairs.

Many people organize this document well in advance so as to dispel any ambiguity as to who has the right to speak and act, for you. This also reduces the need to get the courts involved, should a dispute arise. Our office is available to orchestrate medical power of attorney.

Set Up Your Medical Power Of Attorney

Ensure you are getting the health care you deserve from someone you can trust. The medical power of attorney is meant to ensure you are able to receive the proper care. This document appoints power to an individual to make your health care decisions for you. In the event that you are unable to act on your own, someone you trust, the appointee, steps in for you. Through the medical power of attorney, health care practitioners are required by law to carry out treatment preferences as dictated by your appointee.

The durable power of attorney for health care can be further strengthened by your “living will.” This is an additional legal document that details your written instructions to your appointee and relevant practitioners regarding your continued health care. This dispels ambiguity and can provide clear direction to how you wish to be treated.

Establish Your Lasting Power Of Attorney With Us

Don’t leave your loved ones with the pain and frustration of unclear direction. The lasting power of attorney and durable power of attorney enables you to leave concrete instructions on how your family should handle your affairs. When you wish to establish these directives, our law office is here to help. Our team can set up the proper forms and documentation. Through our guidance and attention to detail, you and your family may have peace of mind.

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