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When it comes to planning your future, you deserve to establish complete peace of mind. Ensure your descendants receive their fair share with the help of the Law Offices of Kelton M. Burgess, LLC. As your estate planning lawyer in Pittsburgh and Butler County, PA, our office has the professionalism, expertise, and resources to ensure you have a plan for your life. From probate to living wills, an estate lawyer from our firm guides you through every step so you and your loved ones get a clear picture of your future.

While estate drafting and living wills directly cover affairs that people seldom enjoy talking about, their functionality in a world of laws is indispensable. They provide clear instructions to your heritors and descendants. They also convey your final wishes in the event of irrevocable incapacitation. In other words, estate planning guards the peace of mind of you and your family. For more than 10 years, our law office has made a point to offer personalized service to every client who comes to us. We seek out the details so you gain a comprehensive view of your rights. When you work with our estate planning lawyer, we listen to your concerns carefully so you receive the service you need. Best of all, our services begin with a free, one-hour consultation—for both new and returning clients.

The Versatile Estate Lawyer

When it is time to settle the matters of your deceased loved one, do you have a plan in place? With the help of our experienced estate lawyer, you are well on your way to successful administration. We serve clients who are setting up wills and powers of attorney, as well as designees of such documents. We discuss terminology and concepts in understandable terms, while also drafting verbiage that will be compatible with the courts. Our personalized approach to service ensures your needs are covered, acknowledged, and respected.

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The law is meant to protect your rights to property, ownership, and personal agency. There are also mechanisms to transfer such control, should the need arise. Assert your rights with the help of our estate attorney. We provide service for the preparation of estate administration, wills, and living wills. Our team is also available to represent you in court should your claims be challenged by another party. From the counsel room to the courtroom, we serve your needs so you can serve the ones who matter most to you.

Contact our estate planning lawyer today to learn about our services either through email or call 412-212-0273. We proudly serve clients throughout Pittsburgh.

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