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Planning for the future is always a smart decision. You are making a concerted effort that helps yourself and your family. Despite our best efforts to plan ahead, a simple fact of life is that anything can happen. Therefore, it is important to leave clear instructions to your surviving family so that your wishes are carried out. For these situations, it is important to work with a will attorney in Pittsburgh and Butler County, Pennsylvania, whom you can trust. At the Law Offices of Kelton M. Burgess, LLC, we work with you to provide, honest, to-the-point support. Our will lawyer assists in the establishment of wills, living wills, and health care directives.

Your Source for Living Wills

Livings wills, also known as “health care directives,” are documents that specify a person’s instructions for care and treatment in the event they can no longer make decisions. These documents can assign who can make those decisions on behalf of the document’s author, in which case the assignee can exercise medical power of attorney. Living wills can also outline instructions for health care providers on how to continue treatment. The living will is useful in the sense that it prepares your loved ones for what to expect in the event you are incapacitated. This alleviates an emotional burden and allows all parties to have peace of mind with your wishes.

Another document that our lawyer can establish with you is the HIPAA waiver. The waiver authorizes your medical information to be disclosed to a third party, such as another family member or health care provider. This document makes it easier for you to receive treatment at other facilities, should your living will mandate a transfer or similar scenario.

The Knowledgeable Living Will Lawyer

Work with a living will lawyer you can trust. Our office is available for free consultations for all clients, so you can begin the entire process with confidence. We help focus your directions and establish binding documents that have the legal impetus. As a result, you make your intentions clear to your friends, family, and caregivers.

A Living Will Attorney Who Cares

When it comes to your health, your needs should always come first. Choose a living will attorney who understands your situation. Whether you are about to undergo a serious operation or need clear directions for whatever the future may bring, our office has the skill and knowledge to draft clear and concise documentation. Let your family know what is best for you. We make your words official.

Contact our will attorney today to request a consultation for our services. We proudly serve clients throughout Pittsburgh, Butler County, Washington, Greensburg, Wexford, and Cranberry Township, PA.