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Personal Injury FAQ

If you have suffered a personal injury, a lot of questions will appear about what to do next to how will things end. It is hard to find all the answers at once, but we here at Law Offices of Kelton M. Burgess, LLC, want to help you find answers to some of the more important ones to get you started on the right foot.

What Do I Do After My Accident?

After an accident, you need to first ensure that you and anyone else involved is safe. Next, call the police and gather the contact information and case number from the officers who arrive. You should also contact your insurance at this time. From there, if you are able to, gather as much evidence of your accident as possible. From photo and video evidence of the environment that caused it, to witness testimony and contact information, as well as the insurance and contact information of anyone else involved.

How Much Is My Injury Worth?

A personal injury compensation depends on a lot of individual factors. Your attorney needs to be sure that they are fighting for all of them. We want you to get a compensation that reflects current and future medical costs, current and future lost income, property damage, legal fees, pain and suffering, and anything else that may apply to the total cost of your injuries. You should not have to settle for less in your case, and with us at your side, you will not have to.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Compensation?

If your case goes smoothly, it may be possible to receive a fair settlement with the help of our experienced negotiation skills. If your case needs to go to litigation to get a fair compensation, then it can take months or even years to receive compensation. This is why you need an attorney who is prepared to fight for your case no matter how long it may take.

What Happens If The At-Fault Party Does Not Have Insurance?

If the person or party who was liable for your injury does not have insurance, there are other avenues you can pursue to seek compensation. We can help you explore these options by going after the at-fault person themselves if there are other parties that might be liable, and even your own insurance to cover the cost of your injuries.

What Should I Do Next?

If you are trying to pursue a fair compensation that reflects the whole cost of your injuries, contact us today. Contact our office in Pittsburgh by calling us at 412-212-0273, or emailing us here. The sooner you act for your own benefit, the better the outcome of your case.

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